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Online sex survey says: 45 percent need sex weekly…or they feel weakly

How long can you go without sex? For members of, the world’s largest adult online dating site, the answer is: not long.

Forty-five percent of more than 11,000 members responding to an online sex survey said they can’t go more than a week without showing signs of deprivation. But 14 percent say they are “masters of their own domain” and can go sexless indefinitely.

The survey shows men need (or at least want) sex more: 44 percent say they can’t go more than a week, while only 34 percent of women gave the same answer. The most sex-hungry were couples: 65 percent say a week is their limit. In fact only five percent of couples report they can go without sex indefinitely.

Interestingly, both men and women chose the two ends of the spectrum. Only 14 percent of men and 18 percent of women said they can go from a month to a couple of months without nookie.

The same survey on OutPersonals, one of the world’s largest gay online communities, revealed 51 percent of more than 1,000 gay male members said they can’t go more than a week. Nineteen percent say they can go without sex for several months, a year or even indefinitely. Only 12 percent of gay men said they can go without for a month to a couple of months.

The sex survey, part of the two sites’ Magazine feature with news, columns and message boards, asked members “Given your normal healthy state (psychologically as well as physically), how long can you go without sex before you start showing signs of deprivation?”

To read more details of the non-scientific sex survey, or take the survey yourself, sign up for a free membership at or

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OutPersonals is one of the world’s largest gay online communities, a place where men can find partners for all kinds of relationships, from hook-ups to LTRs.

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