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How Far Will you Go on a First Date? Almost One Third Say "All The Way, Baby!" According to Online Dating Service Poll of 12,000 Men and Women

PALO ALTO, Calif. – August 10, 2006

Twenty nine percent, or almost a third of 12,000 survey respondents, say they usually "go all the way, baby" on a first date, according to a recent poll conducted by popular online dating service AdultFriendFinder.

The figure is even higher for women (42 percent of the 1,825 women who responded) than for men (25 percent of the 8,441 men who responded). Of the 1,658 responses from couples, 34 percent go "all the way." About 17 percent of all participants in the survey say their first dates usually resulted in just talking or "friendly touching," while 20 percent did some kissing, 21 percent advanced to "deep kissing and erotic touching" and 13 percent engaged in "foreplay or heavy foreplay."

"We think these results show that people are quite adventurous on first dates," according to Legendary Lars, the Vice President for Marketing of FriendFinder, Inc., parent company of the intimate social network and communities that include AdultFriendFinder. "We also believe that people who meet through online dating services like AdultFriendFinder have a chance to get to know their dates before they actually go out, and this helps build a level of trust that lets everyone relax and have a great time."

The online survey of AdultFriendFinder members asked this question: "Based on your past experiences (not your wishes), how far have you usually ended up going on your first date?" Complete results are available at:

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