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November 30th, 2004 - FriendFinder launches to offer customized online dating community for baby boomer singles To Fill Unique Tech-Savvy Baby Boomer Needs With Focus on Fitness, Fun and Rock & Roll Music

PALO ALTO, CA - November 30th, 2004 -- Various, Inc. the world's largest online dating network, today announced the launch of, an online dating destination focused on serving the unique needs of the Baby Boomer generation. Created to answer the unmet needs of busy professionals looking for marriage, dating, and friendship, the new site focuses on the values specific to Baby Boomers that are not addressed at other online dating sites. YoungAtHeart is the latest addition to the market-leading FriendFinder network, a series of customized destination sites designed to meet the unique cultural, religious, or demographic needs of individual communities.

"Tech-savvy Baby Boomers grew up with television, microwave ovens, and computers, and embrace online dating far more than the older generation," said Andrew Conru, founder and CEO of FriendFinder. "With 78 million Baby Boomers turning 50 in the next 10 years, YoungAtHeart age will be THE hip online destination for the largest population of online singles in today's market because it was created specifically to satisfy the unique attributes of this generation"

Industry analysts agree that Baby Boomers are unlike any previous generation of older consumers. Aging Boomers don't react like the typical senior market and do not accept aging like their parents' generation. In contrast, today's Boomers are fit, have high incomes, want to stay fashionable, have fun and still listen to Rock & Roll, creating the need for YoungAtHeart.

One out of three adults in the U.S. is a Boomer born between 1946 and 1964, representing the largest, most important demographic group in America according to the 2004 White House Conference on Aging. Half of these Boomers are already 50 and over resulting in this segment growing seven times faster than any other over the next 15 years. In addition, more than one million Baby Boomers will live to be 100 years old and will be exceptionally comfortable with online dating.

On average, Baby Boomer singles today are more likely to continue working in some capacity even while "retired" -- at a part-time job, as a consultant or at the business they always wanted to start but never had time to until now. In fact, according to the AARP, 79 percent of Boomers plan to work at least part time after they retire from their main job. Many Boomer singles have been married already, and are looking for like-minded companions first before jumping into romantic liaisons. Planned singles events at community centers are usually only focused on the Xgeneration or on older Seniors, making communities like YoungAtHeart an important destination for Boomer singles in their 40's and 50's. The goal of YoungAtHeart, like all FriendFinder sites, is to help those searching for companions to meet, not as strangers, but as friends.

YoungAtHeart provides a feature-rich environment that helps members filter out much of the unwanted "small talk" that is irrelevant to their dating lives. Personal profiles allow members to express their preferences in greater detail than most dating sites including information about musical preferences, sporting activities and religious choices. In addition, YoungAtHeart offers interest-based chat rooms, instant messaging, and automatic member matching for new members.

"The FriendFinder network has clearly been successful catering to the culturally-specific needs of different communities and looks to continue this success with YoungAtHeart," Conru continued. "FriendFinder is at the forefront of how online dating is fundamentally changing the way relationships are formed by delivering the customization, technology and creative programming needed to fuel the growing trend. With over 20 different sites that meet the needs of several distinct populations, FriendFinder is the authoritative voice of singles around the world."

Over 89 million users have participated in the FriendFinder network since its inception in 1996, underscoring its unmatched leadership in the marketplace. The company has increased revenues in 27 of the past 28 quarters and over 65,000 new sign-ups occur daily. Other popular sites in the FriendFinder network include,,,,, and

FriendFinder and YoungAtHeart encourage and promote the usage of proper Internet standards, laws and practices, both nationally and internationally. In addition, FriendFinder enjoys a valued industry reputation as a trusted and capable partner, allowing affiliates to meet their online advertising needs and goals. FriendFinder and YoungAtHeart monitors its content to ensure no inappropriate material is posted and takes a proactive approach to ensure youngsters are barred from the website by offering to block Internet addresses that are used by schools or other child-oriented centers.

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Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, Various, Inc. is the largest global operator of dating and social networking Web sites with a growing network of 20 multicultural and multilingual dating and relationship sites. With over 89 million registered members since its inception in 1996 and over 15 million active members, Various, Inc. enables members to privately and anonymously meet people with similar interests in a safe, exciting environment.

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